SSEL Group Photo

SSEL Group Photo Summer 2015

Faculty and Staff

Name Position
David Klumpar Research Professor of Physics and Laboratory Director
Charles Kankelborg Professor of Physics
John Sample Assistant Professor of Physics
Larry Springer Senior Design Engineer
Rubin Meuchel Research Engineer
Matthew Handley Research Engineer
Kevin Zack Research Engineer
Nevin Leh Research Engineer

Graduate Students

Name Degree
Thomas Rust PhD Candidate in Physics
Hans Courrier PhD Candidate in Physics
Shane Atwood PhD Candidate in Physics
Jake Parker Physics
Mike Shumko Physics
Arlo Johnson Physics
Roy Smart Physics
Linn Thrane Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Donelick Electrical Engineering
William Krolick Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Students

Name Major
Matt Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Hannah Mohr Electrical Engineering
Nathan Hyatt Physics
Louisa Serpe Electrical Engineering
Kieran Cunningham Mechanical Engineering
Calvin Laskin Mechanical Engineering
Colin Delaney  Physics
Patrick Galt Mechanical Engineering
Jack Rinehart Mechanical Engineering
Tom Rudolph Electrical Engineering
Will Early Physics
Sam Bedell Electrical Engineering
Nick Bonham Physics
Rainey Anson Electrical Engineering
Micaela Moreni Mechanical Engineering