Mission Overview

The SpaceBuoy mission will demonstrate the utility of low-cost nanosatellites to provide focused observations to supplement ionospheric forecasting models; specifically the operational Global Assimilation of Ionospheric Measurements (GAIM) model currently used by AFWA. Data will be collected, processed and made available to end users in units standard to the forecasting community.

Mission Objectives

  • To provide critical space weather data to use in ionospheric forecasting efforts, particularly assimilated data to be used in the GAIM model. 
  • To provide data to the forecasting community within 2.75 hours of acquisition, with a goal of 1.5 hours. 
  • Data shall be provided in units standard to the forecasting community. 
  • Provide a feasible, low-cost solution for a fleet of forecasting satellites. 
  • Student Education 
3d Rendering

Spacecraft Overview

The SpaceBuoy mission is a student designed satellite that will be built utilizing commercial-off-the-shelf parts to demonstrate the feasibility of rapid development, low-cost, and ease of assembly and integration for the development of a standard spacecraft bus that can be used on several satellite missions with few modifications. With specialized development needed for interfacing with all external payloads allows for this uniform bus to support a variety of missions that may be needed in the future.