About the RoleStudent assembling electronics stack of a CubeSat

The Space Science and Engineering Lab develops small satellites, called CubeSats, that collect scientific measurements in low-earth orbit. The electrical engineer will be in charge of designing and building custom printed circuit boards (PCBs), testing space-grade electronics, and maintaining ground-station systems. This is a technical role that will require good attention to detail and situational adaptability.

Essential Skills

  • Knowledgeable on circuit theory and design
  • Familiar with the principles of analog and digital circuits
  • Experience with handling electrical hardware
  • Aware of ESD safety and protection of electronics
  • At least eight hours per week of availability

Desired Skills

  • Soldering and PCB assembly experience
  • Good workflow control with Git
  • Experience using MATLAB or Python for simulations and data processing
  • Embedded systems programming experience
  • Familiarity with Linux systems

How to Apply

To apply, fill out the SSEL Student Application and send your resumé (optional) to ssel@montana.edu. Please include the position title in the subject line.