About the RoleA pair of students arranging windows in the InControl software

The Space Science and Engineering Lab develops small satellites, called CubeSats, that collect scientific measurements in low-earth orbit. The software engineer will be in charge of developing communication software for these satellites, programming ground-station systems, and tuning radio frequency systems for space transmissions. This is a technical role that will require good programming skills and a strong ability to quickly develop with new software.

Essential Skills

  • Proficient object-oriented programming abilities, especially in Python and C++
  • Familiarity with Linux, specifically with bash terminal commands and software installation
  • Good workflow control with Git
  • At least ten hours a week of availability

Desired Skills

  • Experience using Docker and Docker Compose
  • Proficient MATLAB and Ruby coding skills
  • Knowledgeable with microcontroller programming and troubleshooting
  • Database development experience with InfluxDB, implementing Flux and Grafana to intelligently display data
  • Experience with digital signal processing for radio frequency systems, including software implementations of packet framing, signal modulation, and error checking

How to Apply

To apply, fill out the SSEL Student Application and send your resumé (optional) to ssel@montana.edu. Please include the position title in the subject line.