Mission Overview

RAMPART (RApidprototyped Microelectromechanicalsystem Propulsion And Radiation Test CUBEflowSATellite) mission is a technology demonstration to provide advance numerous new design concepts and experiments including:

  • SLS Additively Manufactured (aka 3D Printed) satellite structures and mechanisms 
  • PnP / CubeFlow test articles from AFRL, radiation and orbit exposure
  • Montana State DAVE radiation measurement experiment using heritage Van Allen Geiger tube
  • AFRL high efficiency solar cell 
  • AFRL PMG experimental solar cell cover glass 
  • 1U “Printed” warm gas propulsion utilizing inert non-corrosive propellant
  • Ability to raise apogee for mission ops, then lower perigee to reduce orbit life
  • Provide hands-on learning experience for students at multiple universities

Spacecraft Overview

RAMPART is a 2U CubeSat designed and built by a volunteer consortium of individuals and organizations.

Concept of Operation

Through a series of approximately 100 controlled burns, the apogee will rise to 1500km, exposing the spacecraft to the inner edge of the equatorial inner Van Allen belt. This attitude adjustment will allow for an additional immersion into the inner Van Allen for characterization of additively manufactured structures and mechanisms in a rigorous radiation environment.