David Klumpar

Laboratory Director
Research Professor


John Sample

Assistant Professor
Experimentalist measuring energetic particles in near earth environemnt
Photo of Larry Springer

Larry Springer

Senior Design Engineer
Program Manager
Photo of Rubin Meuchel

Rubin Meuchel

Senior Design Engineer

Nevin Leh

Research Engineer

Graduate Students:


  • MS in Physics : Montana State University
  • BS in Physics : Utah State University


  • MS in Physics : Montana State University
  • BS in Physics: Montana State University


  • Integrated BS-MS : Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, India


  • BS in Physics : Montana State University

Student Employees Past/Present:

Student: Major: Graduation Year:
Ryan Barna Chemical and Biological Engineering 2021
Jake Davis Mechanical Engineering 2021
Thomas Jergeson Computer Engineering 2022
Alex Healy Mechanical Engineering 2021
Asher Cousins Mechanical Engineering 2024
Zachary Hull  Electrical Engineering 2022
Kate Berg Mechanical Engineering  2022
Silas Andrews  Physics  2022
Elinore Millstein Electrical Engineering 2021
Sean Thompson Computer Engineering 2020
Brandon OBrien Computer Science 2020
Sam Bedell Electrical Engineering 2020
Jackson Novak Electrical Engineering 2020
Tom Rudolph Computer Engineering 2020
James Joseph Electrical engineering 2020

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